Our Wishlist

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We welcome contributions to and support for the Teen HYPE wishlist from individuals, clubs, faith communities, schools, and workplaces.


College starter kit

Each year we provide college starter kits for our Teen HYPE alumni. Our wishlist includes contents for these kits, such as:

  • Toiletries

  • Snacks

  • Bed Linens & Towels

  • Postage Stamps & Stationary

  • School Supplies

Peer Education Kit

Our Peer Education program is a one-year commitment for our youth, and involves weekly meetings and activities, as well as multiple field trips and retreats. We’re requesting the following items for our Peer Educators:

  • Backpacks

  • Notebooks

Activity Sponsorships

We’re seeking financial support for the following activities

  • Field Trips (for our school-based programs and Peer Education program)

  • College Tour (for Peer Education program juniors and seniors)

Holiday Care Packages

We like to give our Teen HYPE alumni who have gone away to college a little taste of home. We appreciate any and all contributions to these seasonal care packages.

Nutritious food

We provide meals for our Peer Educators during their summer programming. We are seeking nutritious food donations to ensure our participants are well and healthily fed.

For more information on how you and your organization can support our wishlist and organization—please contact our CEO, Ambra Redrick, at (313) 831-8336 or