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Teen Health Education


Preparing our youth to live healthy lives.


We understand the everyday stresses and anxiety that our teens face by walking alongside them and ‘meeting them where they’re at.’ We promote healthy living—mentally and physically—by offering a variety of evidence-based health education classes and screenings through our in-school programming and through events with partners that focus on making healthier choices. We promote healthy living by teaching young people strategies to find their own sense of value and purpose while building communication skills and awareness of the outcomes that can occur from the choices one makes with their body.

Beyond curricula, we bring experiential learning and the arts, which help young people find their voice and their unique purpose in this world. We strive in all settings to provide young people leadership education and the opportunity to serve others.

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We had this activity where we had to write out point of view of why to and why not to have sex and the boys had to do the same thing. I feel like that was a big help, a big influence on why not to have sex, because there was more nots than there were to have sex.
— Female Peer Educator
I actually learned about it before when I was in my other school. We had a Sex Ed class, and we learned about abstinence... And when I came here it was a reminder why I shouldn’t have sex and how it would ruin being an adult.
— Male Peer Educator

Health Education

The following Teen HYPE programs provide health education and resources to teens.

Focus on the future

Keepin’ it real

Loving our lives