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Teen Health Education


Preparing our youth to live healthy lives!


We understand the everyday stresses and anxiety that our teens face by walking alongside them and ‘meeting them where they’re at.’ When needed, we help them cope by providing the support they need to make positive life choices, regardless of their circumstance. We promote healthy living - mentally physically and emotionally - offering youth a variety of evidence-based health education classes and screenings through our in-school programming, and events with partners that focus on making healthier choices. We promote healthy living by teaching young people strategies to find their own sense of intrinsic value and purpose alongside building awareness of the outcomes that can occur from the choices one makes with their body.

Our goal are to increase physical, emotional and mental safety of our youth through this education. We aim to equip teens with strategies to cope and thrive within many different situations. Additionally, through in-school work and our Peer Education program, our wrap-around services arm young people with the necessary tools to hep them make the best possible decisions for themselves and their future. To this end, youth participate in classes and attend outreach events with their peers to lift up the values of learning in community and being stronger together.


Health Education

The following Teen HYPE programs provide health education, services and resources to teens.

Focus on the future

Keepin’ it real

Loving our lives

Anti-retroviral treatment & Access to services (ARTAS)

Empowering Youth today (EYT)