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Offering a myriad of programs and resources that educate, engage and inspire young people across metro Detroit.



Teen HYPE offers positive youth development in a variety of ways, including our Peer Education program. Teen HYPE Peer Education is open to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders and meets every Thursday during the school year—from the time school lets out until 9pm in the Rivertown District of Detroit.

As a Teen HYPE Peer Educator you’ll learn invaluable skills, gain access to resources and have meaningful experiences. The program includes:

  • Free food for members, no fees.

  • Annual stipend (depending on availability and need)

  • Opportunities for students to gain 250+ community services hours

  • Exposure to local entrepreneurs, civic leaders, council members and other inspirational figures

  • Opportunities to serve on our youth leadership council

  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer leadership building through health education

  • Life skills development such as resume building, public speaking, self-care, self-esteem building

  • Ample opportunities to showcase talents like acting, singing, dancing, and stepping

  • Inclusive, diverse group of young people led by staff with credentials in health, youth development and performing arts

  • Positive role models in a safe environment

  • Training in health, leadership skills, civic engagement, and social justice

  • Leadership retreats throughout the year, along with other fun experiential learning field trips



You can apply for our Peer Educator program by completing the form below or calling 313‒831‒8336. Upon review of your application you will be contacted to set-up a 1-on-1 interview and a group interview. You will be notified of placement within 2 of the in-person interviews. Applications and interviews don’t guarantee admission into the program.

The Peer Education program requires a 1-year commitment, which includes attending mandatory weekly meetings. Each Peer Educator is expected to meet these requirements.




Most of the young people we connect with in the classroom are also given the opportunity to attend our annual spring theatrical production. These powerful, educational productions raise young people’s collective consciousness, honor their voices, and inspire them to avoid risky behaviors. While the play topics change from year to year, the root of the performances always lies in highlighting social justice and teen health-related issues. Written and performed by youth, the goal is that each young person in the audience will see themself on stage and identify with the positive messages and help-seeking behaviors showcased in the production.





Focus on the Future is an abstinence-based sexual education program, sponsored by the Federal Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Grant, primarily implements the evidence-based Adult Identity Mentoring (AIM) curriculum. Through a focus on young people’s strengths and assets, this curriculum asks youth to imagine their ideas of success, map out what it takes to achieve that success, and have the confidence and ability to identify resources to actually do it. Since the program’s launch in 2004, we’ve served thousands of middle and high school students across Southeastern Michigan.

In the 2017‒2018 program year, more than 800 young people gained skills to articulate their assets, developed methods to deal with peer pressure, received career exploration exposure, and learned what to expect/how to respond to puberty. Along with challenging students to focus on their assets, we also ask them to reflect on the ways risky behavior can deter them from their goals. We augment this initiative with field trips and classroom projects.

To bring Focus on the Future and the AIM curriculum to your students, please complete and submit the Program Implementation Form found here.




Keepin’ It Real is a substance abuse prevention program funded by the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. First provided in 2016, this evidence-based, risk avoidance program teaches 7th‒9th graders skills that equip them to be confident in their choices and effectively communicate their decisions. Over the course of 8 sessions, young people are asked to reflect on their experiences and values to help inform a relevant learning experience.

If you would like bring Keepin’ It Real to your classroom, please complete and submit the Program Implementation Form found here.





Since 2011 Teen HYPE has offered Loving Our Lives (LOL)—a risk reduction, comprehensive sexual health education program funded by the State of Michigan—to high school students in the Detroit area. LOL utilizes the Safer Choices curriculum—a 10-session program that employs engaging and interactive learning on topics such as risks associated with sexual activity, tools to effectively communicate, and proper methods of protection from STDs/STIs and pregnancy. This program serves as an intermediate level sexual education class, and was offered to 400 young people during the 2017‒2018 school year.

If you would like to bring Loving Our Lives to your school, please complete and submit the Program Implementation Form found here.


Loving Our Lives has shown particular effectiveness. Of our past participants:

  • 90% reported feeling comfortable talking to their partner about contraception

  • 96% said they would use contraception if they were having sex

  • 97% said the program was helpful in connecting them to resources

  • 85% reported having gained communication and negotiation skills to avoid risky situations

  • 85% indicated their intention to abstain from sexual intercourse or consistently use contraception to prevent pregnancy and STIs/HIV

  • 75% indicated they are more likely to abstain than they were prior to the programming

  • 59% said they are more comfortable to talking their parents about contraceptives




Think SMART is an abstinence-only sexual education program that’s in the State of Michigan. The program utilizes the Promoting Health Among Teens (PHAT) curriculum to teach middle school students in the Detroit area about HIV/STIs and increase understanding about how abstinence can prevent pregnancy, HIV and STIs. Through the program we help students build refusal and negotiation skills for practicing abstinence, and reinforce abstinence as a positive choice for young people.

If you would like to bring Think SMART to your classroom, please complete and submit the Program Implementation Form found here.




Teen HYPE provides FREE and confidential HIV/STI testing and counseling services to 13‒29 year-olds in the community, through grant dollars provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Onsite Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) consultations are offered for persons at-risk for HIV including HIV/STI testing, a physician’s visit and a prescription for PrEP—the treatment to prevent HIV infection.

If you’d like to schedule a free test, please call Camille Martin at (313) 948‒8427. If you’re looking for other sexual health care services or substance abuse rehabilitation services, feel free to check out our Resource Guide for trusted providers.



In the state of Michigan, Minors at the age of 13 have the right to sexual health care services and substance abuse services. Parental Consent is Not necessary.