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Bring Teen HYPE to Your Students

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Teen HYPE is happy to work with local educators to teach and empower your students. No matter your needs, there are multiple ways to engage your youth with our organization.


School-Based Programs

For over 14 years, Teen HYPE has been a trusted provider of abstinence and comprehensive sexual education for Detroit-area middle schools and high schools. Since 2016, we have also provided exemplary substance abuse prevention education in the area. Depending on the needs at your school or institution, we can implement 8-, 10- or 13-session, evidence-based curriculum to educate and empower the students you serve! To bring Teen HYPE to your classroom, please complete and submit the form below.

Bring Your Class to Our Annual Play

Every year Teen HYPE executes a high-quality theater production based on social issues that are important to young people. These plays are conceived, written and performed by our teens. We reach more than 3,000 students every through our performances. Please fill out the Play Reservation Form below to reserve your class’ seat for the next production and ensure your students don’t miss out!

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Special Performances

As a Theater Education organization, we provide youth-led performance services for schools. In addition to our annual stage production, we provide smaller performances and presentations on specific topics that are important to you and your students. We’re happy to help your institution tackle difficult topics such as healthy relationships, bullying, mental health, and substance abuse. Whether you need a health resource display or an assembly, Teen HYPE is the expert in Helping Youth by Providing Education. To bring a Teen HYPE performance service to your school, please complete and submit the form below.