At Teen HYPE, we believe our youth are the future. We recognize their capacity to lead and we help them develop their leadership skills. Our programs aim to prepare teens for the world, while providing them with opportunities to reach their full potential.

We offer youth:

  • A wide range of academic services from tutoring to personalized academic plans. We provide educational support to ensure our youth excel academically. We also promote post-secondary education and skill trade opportunities.
  • Mentorship. Whether it’s a question about a part-time job or a math problem, we have staff equipped with the answer. The more knowledge our young people have, the more they will achieve. We encourage our teens to dream, believe and succeed and we serve as guides on their paths.
  • Opportunities for personal development. Our youth attend leadership camps, educational conferences and career fairs—at no cost. We recognize our teens as a valuable resource; we invest in them, and their limitless possibilities.