Teen HYPE (Helping Youth by Providing Education) is a movement to empower youth to thrive while strengthening their communities by providing them with the education, resources and mentorship they need to succeed.
On a broader scale, Teen HYPE is getting Detroit youth Ready for the World—in every capacity. Through education, personal development, skill training and exposure to the world around them, with Teen HYPE, Detroit youth are able to successfully accomplish their goals. The world is filled with many obstacles, and it’s our mission to make sure that every Detroit youth is fully prepared to overcome them and succeed.
Our evidence-based programs, focused on health, safety, education and the arts, allow us to implement the best practices to positively impact youth and evoke change. We want our youth to be confident, inspiring and phenomenal young adults who will make their communities, schools and the world better places. Ready for the world? Yes, our young people are.