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Teen HYPE’s mission is to celebrate youth, confront barriers that impede their success and build bridges to a brighter future.  To this end, we are proud to present our 2018 annual art exhibit entitled Mis-Taken?  Young artists from around the region, and adults who’ve been incarcerated in the Michigan Department of Corrections, are invited to enter and spark a dialogue around the implications of being the most incarcerating nation in the world.  We have learned that many of our teens and families are directly impacted by this reality.

Teen HYPE will award a $500 grand prize to one student artist and one (formerly incarcerated) adult.

Enter any visual medium: Paintings, Drawings, Ceramics, Photography, Video, Zines, Artistically Framed Poetry, etc.

The top semi-finalists’ work will be displayed as part of an exhibit in February of 2018 in Detroit, and the exhibit will be tied to a stage play that our Teen HYPE youth are currently writing.

Complete entries (artwork, entry form with statement) are to be delivered to our Teen HYPE office at 1391 E. Woodbridge, Detroit, MI, 48207 by 5pm, Friday, December 8, 2017.


1. All entries must be submitted with a completed entry form.  The entry form must be completed in its entirety. Works of art will not be accepted without the entry form attached.

2. All entries must contain an Artist Statement.

3. Teen HYPE will not accept draft or incomplete art work.

4. The artists’ signature should be displayed on the lower right bottom or back/bottom or end of the art piece.

5. All prizes will be awarded at the Art Exhibit in February. Unclaimed prizes will be mailed to the address listed on the entry form to finalists within 10 business days of the exhibit.

6. Only the artist or the artists’ parent/guardian may claim cash prizes or gift cards.

7. Teen HYPE will not be responsible for unclaimed prizes and art work.

8. Artist may enter multiple separate entries, up to three unique pieces.

9. All entries must be original art created by the artist listed on the entry form.



All entries will be judged, on 5 point scale, by the following criteria:

Originality:  Artist work should be genuine, thoughtful and novel, as of idea, medium or method.

Technique: Artist work should convince the viewer that art is complete throughout. The art should reflect how well the artist understands and executes techniques with the tools he/she choose.

Presentation: Art will be rated on the overall quality of its appearance show ready (clean, neat, framed or matted, complete, assembled, finished as intended)

Relevance: Art will be evaluated on its ability to express the artists’ thoughts, opinions, feelings and awareness about the complexities of incarceration and the impact on our society.  The artist statement should be relevant to this theme.

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