Meet the Team

Ambra Redrick “Unstoppable Momentum” aka “Miss Red”

CEO and Co-Founder (formerly Executive Director)

Franky Hudson “The Executive Implementer”

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Dorothy “Dee” Smith “Electromagna the Benevolent”

Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships

LaRon Evans “The Gratitude Generator”

Senior Manager of In-School Initiatives

Matthew Schmitt “The Bridger”

Manager of Mission Advancement

Callie Brantley “The Energizer”

Manager of High School Initiatives

Sherisse M. Butler “The Crusher”

Manger of Middle School Initiatives

Myriha Burton “Teleporter X”

Arts Education Specialist

Camille Martin “Wisdom”

Health Educator/Outreach Worker

Ife Hampton “Gaia the Diversifier”

Health Educator